10 Tips to Babyproof your Nursery


Having a safe nursery for your baby is one of the most important things you can do for your child. Each year, more than 3.4 million children experience an accidental household injury, with leading causes of choking, suffocation and falls from furniture, cribs or stairs.

2,000 of those injuries are fatal. Every year.

Safety must be your number one priority.

Here are 10 tips to ensure that your baby’s room is a safe place to be:

  1. All furniture, including dressers and bookcases, must be securely anchored to the wall. Older babies and toddlers can climb up onto these pieces of furniture, causing them to tip over. This can result in severe injuries or worse.
  2. On the same note, dresser drawers should have child safety locks on them. A child can easily climb into an open drawer causing the dresser to fall forward onto him.
  3. All electrical outlets should be covered with outlet covers. 
  4. Window blinds should be cordless, ideally. If you do have cords on your blinds, make sure they are tucked away and are completely out of your child’s reach. These chords can strangle a baby who becomes entangled in them.
  5. Use window locks or window guards on your nursery windows. Screens cannot be relied on to stop a baby from falling out of a window.
  6. Avoid floor lamps. They are very pretty, I know. However, floor lamps can be easily pulled over onto your baby, causing injury.
  7. Crib safety: the slats of your baby’s crib should be no further than 2 3/8 inches apart. This will prevent your baby’s head from getting stuck between the slats as he grows. As your child grows, lower the crib mattress further down towards the ground to prevent them from falling out of their crib.
  8. For the first year of life, your baby’s crib should be bare with the exception of a tight-fitting sheet. If you feel your baby needs a blanket, use a wearable blanket such as a sleep sack.
  9. Never hang heavy items, such as mirrors or large picture frames directly over your baby’s crib. If they fall, they will land on your child.
  10. Once your baby can climb out of their crib, it’s usually time to move them to a toddler bed. Use a baby gate, a toddler door knob cover, or a door monkey to keep your child safe in their room at night. Giving a toddler free reign over a dark house at night can be extremely unsafe.

Baby proofing can be time-consuming and requires thinking in creative ways. However tedious it may be, safety must be your absolute first priority when raising your child, and comes well before getting a good night’s sleep!

Safety first, sleep second. Although there’s no reason why you can’t have both.



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