Motherhood certainly took Aliza by surprise!

While pregnant with her first baby, Aliza dreamed of the relaxing maternity leave she’d take. The Manhattan accounting firm she worked for offered 16 weeks of paid leave, and Aliza eagerly awaited the time when days and weeks would melt into a dreamy spell of snuggling and bonding with her new baby. Aliza knew that babies kept strange hours and read the popular sleep training book, 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old, confident that she would easily be able to train her baby. In her words, “How hard could this be?”
When baby Emma arrived on the scene, Aliza felt like someone had splashed cold water on her dreams.

Emma cried loudly and constantly. Aliza could never put her down and resorted to nursing Emma every time she cried. After a few days of this, Aliza began to feel like a human pacifier who didn’t have a moment to herself.

Emma slept right next to Aliza’s bed and would wake up crying every hour or two at night. Aliza would automatically nurse Emma to get her to stop crying in the middle of the night, even if it wasn’t time for a feeding. Aliza’s parents lived in Israel and her husband Jamie worked long hours as an entrepreneur in his start-up IT firm. Aliza was trying so hard to care for her baby and recover from birth and was doing it mostly on her own.

Aliza’s nights consisted of grabbing snatches of sleep whenever she could, oftentimes with Emma sleeping on her, and nursing Emma back to sleep whenever she stirred, many times throughout the night.

The days were not much better. They were made up of carrying Emma around the house for hours at a time, (for fear of putting her down and hearing the screaming start again!) and nursing her to sleep as often as she could.

Aliza was at her wits end. She was trying everything she could think of and had no idea why her baby was so fussy. She honestly wondered if she would ever get a moment to herself again!

Once Aliza started working to implement healthy sleep habits with Emma, things changed quickly. Aliza had a clear vision of what she wanted and used her sleep training plan and coaching to get there. Within a very short time, Emma was able to soothe herself without nursing and was sleeping through the night!

Aliza got her life back. She had time to herself and a slept good night’s sleep every night. Knowing that she trained her baby in a healthy and gentle way gave her the ability to enjoy motherhood and delight in her baby. At the end of her maternity leave, Aliza was able to work each day well rested and self-assured. As a well-rested mom with a well-rested baby, Aliza regained her confidence and was able to truly enjoy the beauty of motherhood.

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