Why Wake Windows Matter

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  Why Wake Windows Matter Your baby is probably not sleeping enough during the day. How do I know this? Every parent knows that 11 or 12 hours of nighttime sleep is a dream/wish/goal to work towards. What most parents miss is that daytime sleep is just as important. The quality of your baby’s daytime sleep [...]

When it’s Time to Drop to 1 Nap

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When it's Time to Drop To 1 Nap   ❌ MYTH: Babies should drop down to one nap at 12 months old. ✅ FACT: Most babies are not ready for one nap until 15-18 months, and some babies need two naps until they’re two years old! The funny thing about babies is that their nap schedules are always [...]

How To Drop From 3 Naps to 2

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How to Drop From 3 Naps to 2   Knowing how much sleep your baby needs at night is only HALF the picture when it comes to meeting her sleep needs. Sufficient daytime sleep is just as important as night sleep – not enough daytime sleep leads to over-tiredness and more wakings in middle of the [...]

If Your 4-6 Month Old Won’t Nap, Read This

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If Your 4-6 Month Old Won't Nap, Read This Naps can be tough before 6 months of age. If you’re struggling to put your baby on a set nap schedule, don't be hard on yourself or your baby. It's normal, you're normal, she's normal. Short naps are actually very common before 6 months. Here is what [...]

Sleep Pressure

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Sleep Pressure   What is Sleep Pressure? It’s the key to good naps! Seriously, once you know this, your baby's naps are guaranteed to improve. Sleep Pressure is a biological process that makes our bodies want to sleep. It builds up throughout the day, and the longer you are awake, the higher your sleep pressure levels [...]

The Reason You Can’t get Your Baby to Nap

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The Reason You Can't Get Your Baby to Nap Trying to put your baby down for a nap can be extremely frustrating. You put them down, say goodnight and tiptoe out of the room with clenched fists and an even more tightly clenched stomach. Ten seconds later, you hear the dreaded wail. Naps are a huge [...]

You’ve Been Getting the Wrong Advice about Nap Training

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Nights and Naps Are Connected More Than You Think Would you believe me if I told you that it was important – no, critical – to teach your baby how to nap at the same time as you teach them to sleep through the night? And that waiting to nap train until things are settled at [...]