The Secret Language of Newborns

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The Secret Language of Newborns Did you know that newborns have a secret language that they use to communicate with their mothers? If you’re wondering whether you were absent the day they taught the language in Mom School, you’re not alone! (Seriously, why isn’t there a real Mom School…) By the time a baby is around [...]

The Shush-Pat for Newborns

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The Shush-Pat for Newborns   Newborns can be fussy. Even more easygoing, mellow babies often have a stretch of the day where things get difficult for them. For many babies, this occurs around 6 pm (AKA the witching hour) and for others, it’s between 3 and 6 am. This newborn soothing technique, called the Shush-Pat, can [...]

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Newborn

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The Best Thing You can do for your Newborn The newborn stage is really hard. As a mom, I found this stage excruciatingly difficult on many levels. Recovering from birth, adjusting to the idea of being a mother (wait – no one takes this baby home at the end of the day?!) and trying to learn [...]