Night Terrors

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Night Terrors   “Moommmmmy! No! No! NOOOOO! Heeeeeeeelp me!!! HELP ME!!!"  Heart racing, sweaty and shaking, I dashed into my toddler’s room after hearing blood-curdling screams. It was 11:30pm. He was sitting bolt up right in bed, eyes wide open in fear. I scooped him up and held him tight in my arms  but he didn’t seem [...]

Helping Big Kids Sleep with Tapping

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Helping Big Kids Sleep with Tapping  Sleep issues with older children are almost always based on some element of anxiety, or a child's inability to relax. Your 5 year old may be popping out of bed to see you because she's scared of the dark, her dreams or of being alone. Alternatively, she may have never [...]

For The Toddler Who Won’t Stay in Bed

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For The Toddler Who Won't Stay in Bed   If you don’t have a toddler yet, I will tell you now, and consider yourself warned: keep your baby in her crib as long as humanly possible. Don’t get excited that your baby gets to move to a big boy bed just because he’s reached a certain [...]