It’s Not Important to be Consistent When You’re Sleep Training

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It’s Not Important to Be Consistent When You're Sleep Training Did you just read that twice? Did you question if you read that correctly? Did she really just write “it’s not important to be consistent during sleep training?” Yes, you read that! Here’s what I mean. It’s not just important to be consistent during sleep training. [...]

How To Stay Calm When Your Baby Is Crying

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How To Stay Calm When Your Baby Is Crying   Hearing your baby cry has got to be one of the most stressful sounds in the world. It’s unfortunate because if you want to teach your baby good sleep habits, there usually will be some crying involved. Now keep in mind there are ZERO negative side [...]

The Kind of Crying You’ll Hear During Sleep Training

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The Kind of Crying You'll Hear During Sleep Training   Crying. It’s the first word that jumps to mind after hearing the words “Sleep Training.” Will I have to let my baby cry? How long is the crying?  I can’t sleep train… I can’t hear the crying. It is a true fact of life that all forms [...]

What’s the Right Age to Sleep Train?

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The Right Age to Sleep Train When my twins were newborns, the burning question that was on my mind every moment of the day was “when will I get some sleep?!” When the girls were three weeks old I asked a doctor friend when I could possibly start sleep training my babies. He laughed and said [...]

Why French Babies Sleep Better

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  Why French Babies Sleep Better   Did you know that many French babies are sleeping through the night by 2 or 3 months old? If a French baby is still waking up a lot at night at 6 months old, that’s considered late. I’ll catch you while you faint. If you haven’t read Bringing Up [...]

White Noise: My Pet Peeve

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White Noise: My Pet Peeve   Everyone's allowed to have a pet peeve, right? Mine is white noise. Well not white noise itself. I love white noise. My pet peeve is when a mom with a sleepless baby hesitates to put on some white noise, out of fear that baby will become “addicted” to the white [...]

Nap Training and Day Care: Is It Doable?

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Sleep Training in Daycare: Is it Doable? If your baby goes to daycare, can he learn to nap independently? Interestingly, there's no clear cut answer to this question. If you're structured stay-at-home mom with a good handle on your baby’s schedule (and you know how to nap train) chances are that it will be easier for [...]

Secrets to a Successful Toddler Bedtime

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    "Moooooommy... I need a drink..." "... I have to go to the bathroom..." "...I need one more book because you promised!"   Bedtime is supposed to be a relaxing end of the day. If you're like a lot of moms out there, it can feel more like torture. "I want to tear my hair [...]

Can You Sleep Train with Baby In Your Room?

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Can I Sleep Train my Baby in My Bedroom?   Often, by necessity or by choice, baby shares a room with Mom and Dad for the first few months of life. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you room share until your baby is at least 6 months old, and ideally for the entire first [...]

My Maternal Instinct Won’t Let Me Sleep Train

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My Maternal Instinct Won't Let Me Sleep Train   Does sleep training cause you to ignore your motherly instincts? It depends. First of all, I am the very first person to say that sleep training is not for everyone. Some moms like the idea of co-sleeping or the family bed. Some mothers want to nurse baby [...]