Can Your Baby’s Personality Affect Sleep Training?

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Can Your Baby's Personality Affect Sleep Training? Can your baby’s personality affect your sleep training process? Yes! Sleep training is effectively behavioral training. Not everyone likes to admit that because it doesn’t sound sciencey or complex enough, but it’s the truth. Your goal is to teach your baby to fall asleep on his own and put [...]

What Kind of Schedule Should My Baby Be On?

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What Kind of Schedule Should My Baby Be On?   In my life as a Sleep Consultant and as a mother, I see most mothers fall into two categories: The Schedulers and The Non-Schedulers. The Schedulers have their baby eating at the same times each day and put their baby down for naps at the same [...]

Hear This Mom’s Take on Sleep Training Her Babies

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Penina, 4 months Meet Ellie and her babies, Benny and Penina Ellie and I worked together last January to teach her son Benny how to sleep. Benny was 18 months old and had a rough sleep history. Determined not to make the same sleep mistakes with baby number 2, Ellie came back for sleep [...]

How to Know If You Need a Sleep Coach

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How to Know If You Need a Sleep Coach   You’re exhausted, clearly, or at least not as rested as you’d like to be. That’s probably why you’re reading this. Maybe you’ve tried sleep training on your own, with little or no success. Maybe you think your baby’s sleep issues are just not solvable. Maybe you’re [...]

Is Sleep Training Really Torture?

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  Is Sleep Training Really Torture?   Oh, what a sensitive and hotly debated topic. Technically, everything about child raising is sensitive, but this one seems to get lots of special attention. Pro-sleep-training advocates claim it's unhealthy for babies to have fragmented sleep and impossible to function as a healthy parent without sufficient sleep. Those on [...]

MYTHBUSTERS: Sleep Training Edition

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Sleep Training Myths Undone   What's stopping you from teaching your baby how to sleep, Mama? Many times we have hidden false beliefs in our minds that prevent us from reaching the outcomes we so badly want. Here are the 5 most common false beliefs about sleep training that I hear from parents. Have you fallen [...]

How Old is Too Old to Sleep Train?

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How Old is Too Old to Sleep Train? One of the most often-asked questions I hear as a Sleep Consultant is  "Is my baby too old to sleep train? She’s already __ months old.” 100 percent of the time, my answer is “No.” Babies can be sleep trained at any age. Older kids can also be taught [...]

Who Sleep Training Won’t Work For

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Who Sleep Training Won't Work For As a Sleep Coach, the number one question I am asked is “Will sleep training work for my baby?” I am a firm believer that sleep training works on almost every healthy baby - when it’s done properly. If that’s true, how do you account for the hundreds of moms [...]

Why Sleep Training with a Pacifier isn’t Sleep Training

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Why Sleep Training with a Pacifier isn’t Sleep Training   Pacifiers can be a godsend.   Especially in those early newborn weeks, when a baby can cry incessantly for no apparent reason. When a baby is still crying after being fed, burped and changed, pacifiers can work soothing magic. The reason pacifiers are so helpful [...]

Handling the Sleep Training Guilt

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Handling the Sleep Training Guilt The reason many parents would rather stay up all night for months on end with a crying baby rather than teach them how to sleep is because of the guilt they’re afraid to feel. As loving parents, we all feel bad to hear our babies cry, and the only way to [...]