Sleep Regressions… What Are They?

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Sleep Regressions: What Are They?   You may have heard the term bandied around – it’s pretty popular. He slept well for a few months but now he’s going through a regression. She’s regressing and it’s killing us! Must be a sleep regression.    What is a Sleep Regression? It’s just fancy talk for “a stage where [...]

8-10 Month Sleep Regression

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 8-10 Month Sleep Regression Your 8, 9, or 10 month old used to be a great sleeper. Now she’s waking up at night and screaming hysterically, between 1 and 6 times each night. Naps are a thing of the past. Welcome, my friend, to the 8-10 Month Sleep Regression. Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, [...]

6 Things You Can Do if Your Baby Suffers from Acid Reflux

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6 Things You Can Do if Your Baby Suffers from Acid Reflux   Does your baby have reflux?   Welcome to the club. All babies have reflux: it’s called spitting up. There’s a muscle at the bottom of your baby’s esophagus called a sphincter. This muscle's job is to keep the food and stomach acids down [...]

An Open Letter to the Impossible Baby

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  To my precious Baby,   I love you with every beat of my heart, every breath in my body, with everything I have. I will live for you, die for you and cherish you to the ends of the earth for all of our time together. You are my greatest gift, my pride and joy. [...]

Does Your Baby Feed to Sleep?

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Does Your Baby Feed to Sleep?   Does your baby only fall asleep while nursing? Does he wake up multiple times throughout the night for a bottle, only falling back asleep if you feed him? Many sleep problems share a root of baby needing to nurse or drink a bottle to fall back asleep. This is [...]

Tips to Get Your Kids Sleeping Past 5am

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  Tips to Get your Baby Sleeping Past 5 am Earlier this year, I was featured in TheEveryMom, a website created for millennial moms. The article, titled "Tips to Get Your Kids Sleeping Past 5 am,  is about early morning wakings, which can be one of the most frustrating parts of sleep training. You finally get [...]

The Real Reason Your Baby Won’t Sleep

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Sleep Dependencies   Baby sleep troubles can be confusing. Every baby seems to have a different sleep issue, which is part of the reason that talking to friends doesn’t result in sleep solutions that work.  Individual babies often seem to have ever-changing sleep issues themselves. It’s no wonder so many moms are confused and overwhelmed, even [...]