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This PDF guide is your answer to getting 11-12 hours of nighttime sleep! This guide will give you the skills and tools to sleep train your baby, offering a variety of methods to suit your unique parenting style.

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The Baby Sleep Maven Night Guide was so helpful when sleep training my baby! It gave me a very clear understanding of how to best help my baby get the most nighttime sleep. I was struggling,  and the guide really explained and gave clear instructions, which made my husband and I very comfortable with the process. After only a few nights we were finally getting 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Thank you Riki!”
Sarah J, Miami FL
“The guide is written in a way to give moms so much information and confidence. The information is empowering! A huge aspect of sleep training is dealing with mom’s anxiety-you tackle it so well and go though all aspects in detail. I’m so glad I found you!!!”
Laurel S, Riverdale NY

“Amazing sleep guide! I knew what I had to do but this guide gave me the push to actually do it! Thank you!”

Rachel S, Boston MA

“THANK YOU! In the two nights since we’ve bought the guide, we’ve had 2 consecutive nights of her sleeping through the night so far. Wooooohoooo!”

Daniella B, Brooklyn NY

“OMG OMG I want to give you a huge hug right now! My baby slept through the night!!!!!! I heard him get up once and cry for one minute, and then he went back to sleep. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Devora G, San Deigo CA

“I used the Night Guide for my 5.5 month old. He is my 6th baby and I did the Ferber method on my first 5 before I discovered Riki’s program. I still can’t believe I’m writing this but we are up to night number 4 and he’s been sleeping since night two. It’s insane! I’ve never had such quick results with the other method I’ve used, and I used to swear by it. This is the real deal! He’s so much happier and with all of Riki’s little tips and tricks, he knows when sleep is coming and doesn’t cry when I put him in more than 4 seconds at the most. Her night guide is clear, kind and really well researched. It’s the full package to give you the confidence to go through with it with peace of mind. Highly, highly recommend it.”

Karen J, Baltimore MD


Yes. This guide will teach you how to formally sleep train your baby. There are 4 different methods you can choose from, depending on your parenting style. All involve crying, but none of them are Cry It Out.

Not if you follow the methods described in this guide. As long as you provide emotional reassurance to your baby through the process, your baby will remain securely attached to you. This guide details the research and evidence for this. Your baby will be even happier once he’s getting a good night’s sleep!

Yes! There are two night-weaning methods in this guide, that work equally well for breastfed and formula fed babies.

This guide can help a lot. Acid reflux often interferes with sleep, and this guide can help you make as much progress as possible until the reflux subsides.

Yes! Email support is available as an add-on purchase for this guide. You’ll have the option to select email support at checkout

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