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This PDF guide will help you finally get those naps you’ve been dreaming of! Steady, predictable naps that are longer than 30 minutes. You’ll be able to drink your coffee while it’s still hot. Can you ask for more?! This PDF guide will give you the skills and tools to teach your baby how to take longer naps on an age appropriate schedule, offering a variety of methods to suit your unique parenting style.

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“Riki’s nap guide really helped my baby take longer naps! She was only sleeping for about 10-45 minutes, but with the help of the nap guide, my daughter’s naps have improved to last at least an hour long! As a new mother I didn’t know where to start and the guide carefully explained everything. I now feel more confident and prepared when we hit a bump in the road! Thank you!”

Helen M, Chicago IL

“This guide is so helpful! I started pushing my son’s nap off a little in the morning and thank G-d his naps have been so much better!!”

Debra G, San Deigo CA

“This has helped me so much with my baby’s sleep. I LOVE the nap guide and can’t wait to get another one!”

Hadassah M, Ft Lauderdale, FL

“This was the best thing I ever did. My baby is super happy now! He takes 2 one-hour naps each day. Before this, he never napped at all in his crib! That is a miracle indeed.”

Liana K, Brookline, MA


Yes. This guide will teach you how to formally sleep train your baby for naps. There are 4 different methods you can choose from, depending on your parenting style. All involve crying, but none of them are Cry It Out.

Not if you follow the methods described in this guide. As long as you provide emotional reassurance to your baby through the process, your baby will remain securely attached to you. This guide details the research and evidence for this. Your baby will be even happier once he’s getting enough restorative daytime sleep!

Yes. Your baby will actually learn more quickly if you implement naps and nights simultaneously. If you’re looking to do both, check out The Ultimate Baby Bundle.

 It will depend on your baby’s personality. The nap training process won’t have much of an impact on that. If your baby wasn’t a great napper-on-the-go before this point, he probably won’t be after. If he naps well in the stroller now, chances are he will continue to be able to do so.

Yes! Email support is available as an add-on purchase for this guide. You’ll have the option to select email support at checkout.

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