Ellie’s Story

“Your baby will grow out of his sleep problems” is the advice that many exhausted moms hear. “Give it time – soon he’ll be asking for the car keys!”

Ellie gave it time, alright. “Was a year and a half enough time,” she wondered?
Ellie and her husband were completely frustrated with baby Benny’s sleep saga. After 18 months of sleepless nights, a professional sleep coach and many essential oils later, Benny still spent half the night in his parent’s bed every night.

Ellie tried everything she could think of to improve Benny’s sleep. She let him cry it out, gave him natural remedies, and even bought a toddler bed hoping that would improve his sleep.
Nothing worked.

At bedtime, Ellie would lay Benny down in his crib and try and sneak out of the room so that he wouldn’t see her leave.

Benny would sleep for a few hours and wake up crying at 12 am and 4am. He would cry and cry until Ellie or her husband carried Benny to their bedroom and let him sleep with them.
With a new baby on the way and enrolled in full time graduate school, Ellie’s desperation peaked. How would she manage to stay up all night with TWO sleepless babies? Ellie felt that something had to change, and she was willing to do whatever it took. In her own words, “Please help us and see how dysfunctional our son’s sleep situation is!”

Ellie followed her sleep plan and began to set limits for Benny’s nighttime wakings the very same day. She improved Benny’s bedtime routine as well and put in the work to create new sleep habits for him.

There were big changes for the whole family – for Benny of course, but for Ellie and her husband as well.

Benny responded beautifully and immediately. The very first night of implementing the sleep plan saw major improvement and within a short time, Benny was spending the whole night in his own crib.

For the few first nights, he woke up crying and quickly learned to settle himself back to sleep on his own. Within a short time, Benny was sleeping through the night! In Ellie’s words, this was “a mini-miracle.”

After her hard work, Ellie was rewarded with a well-rested baby and a full night’s sleep to herself each night. She felt so much better about herself as a mom knowing that she taught her child how to sleep in a healthy way.

Perhaps the biggest difference that came out of sleep training was a new side of Benny’s personality. Once he was well rested, Benny was, to quote Ellie, “a different child!” Before sleep training, Benny was constantly cranky, fussy and irritable. With a good night’s sleep and a solid nap each day, he transformed into a happy and easygoing toddler who was so much calmer and more peaceful to raise.

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