Esther was quite the busy mom. With 6 children under the age of 12 and working as a Speech Therapist, life moved at a fast pace. Baby Miri was 5 months old and had a very happy temperament. Until it came to bedtime, that is. Miri was the kind of baby that would give anyone a smile and loved interacting with people. But as soon as Esther would put Miri down in a swing or her crib, she would start to fuss and cry.

Miri also woke up crying three or four times every night, and the only way Esther could get her to go back to sleep was by nursing her. She tried rocking her to sleep holding the pacifier in Miri’s mouth, but when it wouldn’t work, Esther would give up and nurse her to sleep.

Esther’s nights consisted of waking up several times to nurse, after a full day of taking care of 6 kids and working!

Esther had never sleep trained her other children and didn’t know what to do to get her baby to sleep. She felt that it was time to finally implement healthy sleep habits in her family, even it if meant starting with her 6th child. There was no way Esther could continue to take care of her family while being woken up multiple times each night.

Esther reached out for help and began to implement her sleep plan. She saw improvement the very first night! With the help of her sleep plan, Miri fell asleep on her own at bedtime, which had never happened before! As the days progressed, Esther saw major improvement in Miri’s night wakings. Esther no longer had to nurse her back to sleep and the number of wakings decreased.
Esther felt like things were so much more manageable at this point – and could hardly believe it when Miri slept through the night! Esther was thrilled that she didn’t have to nurse her baby back to sleep anymore and that her baby finally had healthy sleeping habits.

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