How Old is Too Old to Sleep Train?

One of the most often-asked questions I hear as a Sleep Consultant is

 “Is my baby too old to sleep train? She’s already __ months old.”

100 percent of the time, my answer is “No.”

Babies can be sleep trained at any age. Older kids can also be taught how to sleep, and adults can also find relief from sleep troubles. There are sleep specialists who work with older children and adults of all ages.

No child is ever too old to sleep train. Sleep training is behavioral training. It’s the process of gently and firmly guiding your baby towards a different way of operating. Any human can change their behavior at any age.

That’s the beauty of being human, of facing new choices each day and deciding which changes we want to implement in our lives today.

When I told my mother in law that I was embarking on a new career path as a Sleep Consultant, her first response was “Oh great! Can you please sleep train Dad? He’s up all night!”

People suffer from sleep-related issues at every age, and there are always solutions. No age is too old to sleep train.

Having said that, the easiest and most ideal time to sleep train your baby is sometime between the ages of 4-8 months of age. After 8 months, it is still completely doable, it just takes a stronger commitment.

If your baby is older than 8 months, don’t let that scare you – my biggest success story to date was teaching a sleepless 18-month-old with severe asthma how to sleep! 10 days was all it took…

Whatever age your baby is, they can learn to sleep. You don’t have to suffer sleepless nights. Change is awaiting you.

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