How To Stay Calm When Your Baby Is Crying


Hearing your baby cry has got to be one of the most stressful sounds in the world. It’s unfortunate because if you want to teach your baby good sleep habits, there usually will be some crying involved.

Now keep in mind there are ZERO negative side effects that have been traced back to sleep training. Multiple long-term studies have been done on this topic, and there has not been a single negative outcome from any of them. No effects on attachment, emotional stability, or the parent-child relationship.

But still, that doesn’t make the crying any easier to hear. But luckily for you, I have some tips and tricks that can really make the whole crying thing a little easier to bear.

Deep breathing. Everybody knows that deep breathing can help calm our nervous system and help us relax. But did you know that taking in a huge, deep breathe quickly (which you’re likely to do if you’re nervous because your baby is crying) can actually have the opposite effect, making you more nervous? Start on the exhale. Take a long, deep exhale and only then, taking deep inhales and exhales. Breathing deeply for a few moments will send oxygen to your brain and help you feel calmer and less anxious.

Run through a quick checklist. Is he hungry? Does he have a dirty diaper? Could his arms be stuck in crib rails? Once you’ve gone through that list and he’s still crying, it’s probably frustration more than anything concrete.

Repeat a Mantra. This is a statement that you think of in advance (before the crying starts!) that reminds you of why you are doing this and why it’s worth it to you. I am safe and my baby is safe. Every baby can learn to sleep. He’s clean, fed, and warm in his crib. He’s frustrated and that’s ok. Getting frustrated is part of the learning process.

Try some EFT tapping to help calm your nervous system. EFT, or tapping, is quick, easy and can calm your body in less than a minute. This post will teach you how to do it. If you prefer video, there are hundreds of EFT videos on youtube.

The crying is a hard, painful part of the sleep training process. But with the right mental tools, and most importantly CONSISTENCY, it won’t last long. And you’ll come out the other side with a happy baby who sleeps through the night.

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