JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

We live in a culture personified by #FOMO. The fear of missing out on something better, more exciting, or fulfilling causes us to fracture our attention and lose focus on what matters most, the present moment.

Thankfully, awareness is spreading about toxicity of this way of thinking, and a new movement is spreading: JOMO.

Instead of obsessing over what you might potentially be missing out on,  the idea is to intentionally choose to disconnect and live in the present moment. Take joy  in missing out: the fact that you have closed one door on something means that you have opened another somewhere else.

Every choice you make automatically closes you off to other opputunities- but that doesn’t have to be a loss! If you are intentional with the choices you make, you’ll end up happy that you are missing out on other things to live your choices.

Take healthy eating as a classic example. Yes, you are technically missing out on pizza and ice cream, but the feeling of wellness and vitality, and your increased energy levels are something to take joy in! It’s all what you choose to focus on.

Although this term was coined to address the anxiety and addiction surrounding social media, it applies to sleep training as well.

If you sleep train, you will miss out on some things.

You will miss out on spontaneous errands if you prioritize your baby’s nap.

You’ll miss out on co-sleeping, which some mothers truly enjoy.

You’ll miss out on wearing the mom-badge-of-honor that is sleep deprivation.

But you know what?

There’s a lot of JOMO in sleep training as well.

You’ll take joy in getting a good night’s sleep every night

You’ll take joy in the predictable quiet breaks when your baby naps peacefully each day.

You’ll take joy in a happier baby who’s well rested, more cheerful and energetic.

You’ll take joy in having rhythm to your days, and times that you can rely on: quiet naps and restful nights.

That’s what you’re choosing when you teach your baby how to sleep!

If you ask me, there’s nothing in the world that can make me feel FOMO in exchange for that!

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