Nanny Nap Training

This is a post written just for you if you have a nanny working inside your home to help care for your baby.


Because nap training and night training are intrinsically intertwined: babies who nap well sleep better at night. Daytime sleep is an essential part of your baby’s growth and development.

And if you’re trying to teach your baby how to nap independently, guess who’s gotta be on board?

Nanny Nap Training

Here are the 5 top things you need to know before teaming up with your nanny to teach your baby how to nap:

  1. Communicate clear expectations. Give your nanny a written copy of your plan and answer her questions on it. Run through all the possible scenarios that could happen and make sure she feels confident in how you want her to handle them.
  2. Get her feedback: You might have to dig a little deeper to see if she’s really on board or slightly apprehensive about this process (many nannies are). The more clear the communication is both ways, the better chance you will succeed as a team.
  3. Make sure your nanny understands your “WHY” behind nap training. Once she knows that you’re working together as a team for your baby’s benefit, the work will be easier for her to bear. It won’t seem like she has to put your baby through something challenging for no reason if she’s in on the growth together with you.
  4. Start nap training on a day when you’re home from work, so she can watch the first time. There’s nothing like seeing someone else do it to really learn the best way to do something.
  5. Have your nanny log each nap and keep a record of what happened at each nap. Holding her accountable for each individual nap will give her more motivation towards the overall goal, as she’ll have to answer to you at the end of each day.

It takes teamwork to make these things succeed. Going the extra mile to make sure your nanny is clear on your plan and comfortable in executing it will make the nap training process smooth and manageable.

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