Newborn Sleep Shaping
Video Course

This course is your answer for navigating the overwhelming blur of the newborn stage. Learn how to improve your newborn’s sleep without sleep training, by creating a strong sleep foundation from the very beginning! This video course teaches you everything you need to know about the newborn stage, in clear, engaging and entertaining video lessons. Plus, it comes with the Newborn Guide PDF as well.

What This Course
Will Teach You

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“I feel like I have a completely new baby! My 4 week old (at the time) used to cry all day long. This taught me to pay attention to wake windows, and I now know that my baby was crying because he was overtired! I now know how to look out for tired signs and I put my baby down right away. My now 10 week old is an overall happy baby because he is well rested!”

Michelle M, Brooklyn, NY

“This. Has. Been. Amazing! I have a 4 week old who’s been screaming from colic every night and cried whenever I put him down in his bassinet. Now I know how to calm him down and he’s been sleeping so much better!”

Julia G, SilverSpring, MD

“This made my transition from 1 baby to 2 easy breezy! So grateful that my now six-month-old has a set schedule, falls asleep independently with minimal tears.”

Shevy F, Lakewood, NJ

“This has been so amazing! Best thing ever!”

Chaya V, Detroit, MI


No. This course teaches you how to shape your newborn’s sleep without formal sleep training. This is a no-cry method.

You can start from day one! You’ll see the most progress beginning at 4 weeks.

It can help a lot. Acid reflux often interferes with sleep, and this course can help you make as much progress as possible until the reflux subsides. There’s also a section specifically devoted to helping your baby with reflux.

NOW! After the baby comes, things will get hectic. Coming into motherhood prepared will give you the tools and confidence you need to start off on the right foot.

 Yes! Email support is available as an add-on purchase for this course. You’ll have the option to select email support at checkout.


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sleeping through the night!