Tammy’s life was a whirlwind. She had two kids under the age of two and ran a daycare from her home. Between her own children and her daycare charges, each day was a non-stop blur of feedings, diaper-changes, baths, stories and crying. Lots and lots of crying.

Baby Ruti was three months old and refused to be put down. Ever. If Tammy tried to put Ruti in a swing or a bouncy chair, she would scream incessantly until Tammy would pick her up.
It took 45 minutes to settle Ruti for a nap, and when she would finally fall asleep, she would wake up only 20 minutes later.
That’s when the crying would start all over again.

Tammy was trying so hard to hold it all together. Her 2-year-old needed her attention, her daycare charges needed care, and her screaming 3-month-old was front and center of each waking moment. Tammy was torn in more directions than one young mom could handle, and something had to give.

She gave up on the least important thing and let daily messes accumulate in her home, while she juggled everything else as best as she could.
But even with the housework neglected, running a daycare and taking care of her older child while holding Ruti in her arms all day wasn’t working.
Something had to change.

Tammy reached out for help and waited anxiously for her sleep plan to arrive. Once she received her plan, Tammy followed it to a T – and what happened after surpassed her wildest expectations.
Within one week, the former Ruti was unrecognizable. The inconsolable baby who could never be put down and took 45 minutes to settle for a 20-minute nap was replaced with a baby who took 3 naps each day that lasted at least an hour each. She fell asleep within just a few minutes of being put down and sometimes Tammy had to go in and wake her up – because she would nap for over 2 hours straight!

Ruti also began to sleep much longer stretches at night, which gave Tammy the chance to catch up on some desperately needed sleep.
Tammy was finally able to give time and focus to all the different parts of her life. The constant pressure and whirlwind juggling were replaced with a solid schedule, where everything had a time and a place, thanks to her baby’s new sleep patterns.

In her own words, “It’s an absolute miracle! It’s so amazing to know my baby’s schedule and know that when she’s sleeping she won’t wake up a few minutes later. I’m able to accomplish so much more in my day! I really can’t thank you enough – it’s literally changed my life!”

Tammy knew things were back to normal when her husband came home one day and said “Hey what happened to the house? When did it get so clean??”

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