Tips to Get your Baby Sleeping Past 5 am

Earlier this year, I was featured in TheEveryMom, a website created for millennial moms.

The article, titled “Tips to Get Your Kids Sleeping Past 5 am,  is about early morning wakings, which can be one of the most frustrating parts of sleep training. You finally get your baby or toddler to sleep through the night, and now they’re waking up at 5 am for the day every morning!

The journalist who wrote the article told me that she gave up on her own kids sleeping late and just accepted the fact that they’re earlier risers.

You don’t have to do that – you can teach your baby to sleep (or at least rest in his crib) until you start his day. Yes, you. You can start your child’s day.

The article has some friendly suggestions, which can all be helpful. You can check it out here.

But the truth is, I find the best answer to early morning wakings is really to banish the term “early morning wakings” from your vernacular. Any time your baby wakes up before wake-up time is a night waking. It can be 1 am, 3 am or 5 am. If your baby’s day is supposed to start at 7 am, anytime before that is just another night waking. The only real difference is that the morning wakings take a bit longer to subside and need even more consistency than the night wakings.

Oh – and there’s no guarantee that your baby will go back to sleep. They will if their body needs it. But some babies are ok with 10 hours of sleep and wake up cheerful and refreshed. And those lucky babies get an extra hour or two of playtime in their cribs each morning. Just because your baby woke up doesn’t mean it’s time to start the day. That’s your call, ultimately.

Check out the article here for some great tips on managing this early morning challenge.


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