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Have a trip planned? This guide is for you. Whether you’re jetting across the ocean for a two-week vacation or simply spending the weekend at your in-laws, this guide will give you the best tips for smooth travel with a baby, ensuring that you actually get to enjoy your trip.  

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“The guide is full of game-changing tips that we would never thought of on our own. Thanks to Riki’s advice, my baby slept 9 hours of out of 12 hour flight! It also made coming home and readjusting so much easier because our routines and timing stayed so reliable throughout the trip. Having a travel guide that is targeted for babies changes the way you travel with children!”

Ellie K. Suffern, NY

“We always turn to Riki’s travel advice for our yearly midwinter trip to Florida. Just knowing what we can expect and how to troubleshoot gives us peace of mind and the ability to enjoy ourselves instead of stressing the whole time. If you have a trip planned, buy this guide – trust me, you won’t regret it!”

Sammy G. Baltimore, MD

“Staying at my in-laws for a couple of weeks was a huge struggle at first. Riki’s travel tips and philosophy saved us – they were such a huge relief and reminded us that all was not lost with our baby’s sleep. When we got home, we saw the wisdom in it, as our baby got right back on track, so fast!”

Leah M. Brooklyn, NY


Yes, it will help! This guide will help you in your preparation and return from the trip, as well as helping to keep things on track for your baby throughout the trip.

Even more so! If your schedule and location will be changing multiple times throughout your trip, this guide is going to be your rock, giving you a sense of stability and a baseline to refer to throughout.

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