Who Sleep Training Won’t Work For

As a Sleep Coach, the number one question I am asked is

“Will sleep training work for my baby?”

I am a firm believer that sleep training works on almost every healthy baby – when it’s done properly.

If that’s true, how do you account for the hundreds of moms who say “I tried sleep training and it didn’t work for my baby?”

Well, that’s easy.

There are some things that will sabotage sleep training, no matter how hard you try, or how badly you want your baby to sleep.


Here is my list of things that will cause sleep training to FAIL

  • Lack of commitment to seeing it through. Sleep training only takes about a week, but maintenance is required for a few weeks after. It can oftentimes take a full month to iron out all the kinks.
  • Push-back from a spouse who feels guilty about or doesn’t agree with the idea of sleep training. Listen, sleep training can be controversial. I get it. It’s great for some moms, and not for others. But don’t start if your spouse is not on board – you’ll need to work together to succeed!
  • Not willing to nap train at the same time as night training. The number one sleep secret that nobody seems to know is that the foundation of a good night’s sleep lies in a good day’s sleep beforehand. Moms that help their baby fall asleep for naps or (even worse) let their baby skip naps altogether end up with a fussy, cranky, exhausted baby who will fight night training even harder.
  • Acid reflux or a medical condition that is not treated will often interfere with sleep training. Speak to your pediatrician if you are concerned.

If your baby is healthy, your spouse is on board with the idea of sleep training, and you’re committed to seeing it through, your baby CAN be sleep trained! Guaranteed.

Check out my training options or schedule a free Baby Sleep Call to discuss how we can help your baby sleep. I only offer a few slots each week for calls, so book quickly!

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