Why Some Babies Sleep Better Than Others

Don’t tell me this question hasn’t crossed your mind. Borne of frustration and exhaustion, every new mom wonders this at some point or another. Why, why why do some babies naturally sleep so well, while others don’t?

Three reasons.


 There’s no way around this part. Some babies have more relaxed personalities – they’re born with them. Some babies are born with less persistence, less stamina, less… feistiness. I promise you, if your baby falls into the feisty category, you’ll be so proud of him when he gets a little older! (I would know. I’ve got one.) It’s just getting through babyhood that’s the challenge.

This inborn easygoing nature is the reason you’ll hear about babies who slept through the night at 6 weeks old. This says nothing about the mother of that baby. Nothing about her mothering and nothing about yours. This is about a baby with an easier, sleepier, nature.

But don’t despair, Mama. A much bigger factor in baby sleep is… habits.


 Every bedtime, every night feeding, every naptime, you are teaching your baby sleep habits. They can be good habits or bad ones, depending on what you’re doing – but you’re never neutral. Every day, you are building better sleep habits or encouraging worse ones.

A mom that has been steadily building up good sleep habits for 4 months will have a very different sleeper than a mom who hasn’t.

A large part of your baby’s sleep lies in the daily habits that you build.


 It’s not all black and white. Many, many newborns have GI (digestive) issues that are overlooked or underestimated. When your baby was born, her digestive system was not fully developed and had actual holes in it. Over the first few months of life, her digestive system develops and the holes begin to close, but until that point, it’s common for newborns to have acid reflux, gas pain, and discomfort after feedings. This is a huge reason why newborns don’t sleep well, too.

Please don’t blame yourself if your baby doesn’t sleep well. It could be nature, could be nurture or could be stomach pain!

You can move forward, look to the future and decide on a better tomorrow. Let’s do that now!

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