What is Sleep Hygiene?

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What is Sleep Hygiene? Sleep hygiene simply means good sleep habits. It means doing the same set of things every day to make sure that whatever sleep you get is restful, restorative and refreshing. This post is about you, Mama. Fact: New mothers with little babies don't get much sleep. Tough love: Welcome to motherhood. It's hard, [...]

How To Get Through the Spring Clock Change

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How To Get Through the Spring Time Change   Twice a year, I receive a flurry of panicked emails that all sound something like this: The clocks changed and my baby is totally thrown off schedule! Help! What should I do?! First off, let’s all agree that the twice-yearly time change is beyond frustrating when it [...]

Does Your Baby Feed to Sleep?

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Does Your Baby Feed to Sleep?   Does your baby only fall asleep while nursing? Does he wake up multiple times throughout the night for a bottle, only falling back asleep if you feed him? Many sleep problems share a root of baby needing to nurse or drink a bottle to fall back asleep. This is [...]

Tips to Get Your Kids Sleeping Past 5am

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  Tips to Get your Baby Sleeping Past 5 am Earlier this year, I was featured in TheEveryMom, a website created for millennial moms. The article, titled "Tips to Get Your Kids Sleeping Past 5 am,  is about early morning wakings, which can be one of the most frustrating parts of sleep training. You finally get [...]

How to Survive the End of Daylight Saving

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How to Survive the end of Daylight Saving   “If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour." - Victoria Erickson “Yeah, except if you’re a mom in daylight saving” -Riki Taubenblat   The autumn time change is approaching and if you’re like other moms, you’re dreading it. If this [...]

Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

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Traveling with Babies and Toddlers Traveling with babies has got to be one of the tougher aspects of parenting. Aside from counting and packing diapers, wipes, clothing, pajamas, onesies, and endless baby accessories (think: hats, socks, bottles, bibs, baby food), it can be really difficult to keep your baby on their normal schedule when traveling. Here [...]